Modern problems of Food and Light Industry

00 Apr

 UTECA heldInternational conference on “Modernproblems of Food and Light Industry” on 26-27 April 2019 in Ganja. 120external stakeholders attended to the conference including both internationaland domestic delegates. In additionally, 176 researchers gathered in Ganja todiscuss modern problems of food and light industry. The coordinator of theCRENG project at UTECA delivered presentation about project activities tomaximize the impact, visibility and credibility of the project. We haveparticipants from South Korea, Pakistan, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia. Iranand it was an excellent opportunity for our university to share our projectachievements, to learnfrom each other, discuss common issues, and get feedback on our work. Afterpresentation participants asked some questions about project implementationthat they are interested in and experts of relevant field and potentialstakeholders made some suggestions that will help our academic staffs whiledeveloping new curricula that meets the requirements of modern labor market.


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