Department of electronic services and information

Agayev Nijat Gabil

Director department of electronic services and information

(022) 257 08 81

He was born on 1990 in Ganja.

In 2010 he graduated from the Azerbaijan State Economic University, Faculty of General Economics.In 2013, he earned a Master`s Degree in Economics in the right registrar economics at the Academy of State Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

He studied Chinese at the University of Anhui in China in 2013/2014. Participated in many foreign conferences and programs. Member of the TGT Audit Commission at the Academy of Public Administration in 2011/2013,coordinator and head of projects implemented in various fields.He worked in various positions in the Baku city district operating company and the Baku Committee on the Chess Olympiad.

In February 2018 he was appointed head of the general department of the Azerbaijan Technological University, and on March 28 - head of the department of electronic services and information.