Military mobilization department

Huseynova Marziyya Abbas

Head of military mobilization department

(022) 257 08 82

[email protected]

She was born in Ganja in 1953.

She graduated from the History faculty of Baku State University in 1980.In 2000 she was admitted to the faculty of law of the Moscow State Open University.

She has been working at the Azerbaijan University of Technology since 1979. She has been appointed as the Head of military mobilization department since September 1995.

The functions of the Military Mobilization Department include the followings

  • Registration of conscript students, reservation of students studying in the full-time Department, regular correspondence with the Republican Military Commissariat about conscripts
  • Preparation of relevant reports on working students  who are bound to military service and conscripts
  • Dispatch of Form-10 references about conscript-students studying in the full-time department to the State Service for Conscription of the Republic of Azerbaijan according to registration
  • Issuing certificates to students on call to city and district departments and departments of public service, as well as other structures
  • Accounting of teaching staff and technical staff
  • Keeping records of conscripts and sending military accounts for registration to city departments and departments of the state service for conscription every year
  • Checking the registration of  recruited citizens (men) in the military Mobilization Department, filling out T-2 sheets and sending them to the military mobilization departments at the place of residence.