Tagiyev Adil Arif

Vice-rector for administrative affairs

(022) 257-29-75


He  was born on 03 July 1967 in Ganja.

In 1985 he entered Faculty of Light industry at Azerbaijan University of Technology and majored leather technology. In 1992 he graduated  from the university and gained a degree in enginerring and technology.

During 1992-1996 he worked as technician at the Leather factory located in Baku, Surakhani. During 1996-2005 he worked at Azersun Holding. He has been engaged in business activities in 2005-2013. 2009-2013 he worked as director of Kapaz PFK. 2013-2016 he worked in various positions in the construction sector. In January 2016 he was appointed vice-rector on administrative affairs at the Azerbaijan University of Technology.