Center for Equipment and Technical Services

Aghasi Dzhumaev Nasib

Head of department of Equipment and Technical Services

(022)257 66 22

[email protected]

He was born on October 29, 1983 in the Shamkir.

He graduated from the Faculty of History of Sumgait State University in 2005 with a bachelor`s degree in history and in 2007 received a master`s degree in the specialty of the ancient and medieval history of Azerbaijan.

In 2009/2012 he worked as a technical provider of operators in the Khazar TV and Radio Company, and from 2012 he worked as a sales manager in the publishing company "Barakat." Since september 2015, he is the head of the Department of economy and supply of the Azerbaijan Technological University. He was appointed to the post of head of the supply and maintenance department after January 2017, after the structure   changes at the Azerbaijan Technological University

The main functions of the department

  • Creation of necessary conditions for the activity of the Azerbaijan Technological University, provision of stationery, technique, communication, transport and other areas
  • Conducting of tenders and control over their implementation in the manner prescribed by law on procurement 
  • Providing the University with furniture, computers and other equipment, as well as submission of proposals for improving the logistics of these facilities.
  • Storehouse management
  • Supervision of technical staff work
  • Control over the work of technical staff 
  • Monitoring the execution of supply processes