The Office of graduate studies

Sadig Afandiyev Qahraman

Head of the Office of graduate studies

(022)257 08 83

He was born on September 14, 1978 inGabala.

He graduated from Azerbaijan State Oil andIndustry University with a bachelor degree in Economics and Administration in 1999 and earned his master degree from Azerbaijan University ofTechnology in management of production and service industries in 2011. During2011-2014 he obtained his PhD in organization and management of enterprises atAzerbaijan University of Technology.

During 1999-2013 he worked as a teacher ingeneral educational institutions. He has worked in public associations dealingwith science and education in 2014/2015.He has continued his scientific and pedagogicalactivity at the Azerbaijan University of Technology since 2015 and has workedas inspector at the office of Academic Affairs and continued his activity ashead of Young teacher training center at UTECA. Currently he is head of theOffice of graduate studies.

He is a reserve officer of the ArmedForces of Azerbaijan.