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The Library Information Center (LIC) of Azerbaijan University of Technology was established in 1970 and is included to the library system for higher education institutions.

There are over 350,000 printed items in the library fund. Their list includes books, brochures, informational publications, scientific journals, patent literature, newspapers, lecture texts, electronic aids.The major textbooks, teaching aids and scientific literature are both in Russian and Azerbaijani languages in the LIC fund and embraces textile, light industry, food, mechanical engineering, ecology, ICT, tourism and other sectors of the economy. There are also a number of rare books in the LIC fund.

There are library intermediaries in LIC in order to fully and comprehensively meet the needs of the readers. Currently, the number of readers of the LIC is nearly 3,000.The latest version of the "IRBIS 64 UNICODE" (Automated Library Information Management System) program is applied in LIC. More than 3,000 articles, 10,000 books, bibliographic descriptions with up to 300 abstracts, and more than 1,000 readers` survey have been already included in the "Electronic catalog".

LIC gets acquainted with the university`s curriculum, educational programs and scientific research topics, and periodically informs the Departments with a list of newly acquired books.

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