Student Scientific Society



The SSS - as an independent studentorganization provides the opportunity  for active students, undergraduates to displayresearch skills.

The SSS promotes thedevelopment and conduct of research work within the university.

The SSS is based on the laws ofthe Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic and the legal foundations of theAzerbaijan University of Technology.

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The main objectives of the SSS

- toform the initiative of the scientific creativity of the student

-improvethe quality of mastering the specialty, stimulate scientific and creativeactivities

-to form future scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel

-instill interest in the latest achievements of functional science

                           Responsibilities of the SSS:

-provide all the conditions for achieving the goal

-meet regularly with experienced experts and scientists

-to conduct scientific seminars, conferences, round tables with the aim ofdiscussing and further encouraging student research activities

- toorganize competitions in different fields followed by discussion and publication of the results

-conduct seminars on scientific and practical methods