Industrial economics and management

Humbatov Yusif Abulfat

The head of the department

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    Teaching staff of the department

       The number of scientific publications and textbooks

  • article 160
  • teaching aids 10

       Teaching subjects

  • Introduction to Economics (bachelor degree)
  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • Environmental Economics
  • Economy of Enterprise
  • Azerbaijan Economy
  • Economic Security of Economic Entities
  • The World Economy
  • Oil and Gas Industrial Economy
  • Non-oil Industrial Economy
  • Investment Activity and Innovation Policy in Industry
  • Economics
  • Labor Economics and Social Science
  • Placement of the Productive Forces
  • Industrial Organization and Management
  • Taxes and Taxation
  • Engineering Economics
  • Transport Economics
  • Management of Enterprise Economy (master’s degree)
  • Organization of Business (Financial and Banking)Areas
  • Modern Innovation Policy
  • Financial Security of the Enterprise
  • Modern Problems of  Industrial Organization and Management
  • History and Methodology of Economics
  • Development Perspectives of Foreign Economic Relations
  • Azerbaijan Macroeconomic Management
  • Research Methods on  Industrial Organization and Management
  • Regional Problems of Placement of Industrial Enterprises
  • Development Perspectives of Azerbaijan Economy
  • Problems of non-oil industry development


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Training of personnel

For bachelor degree

Industrial organization and management. The bachelor`s degree for Industrial Organization and Management is a multidisciplinary curriculum that organizes the production of industrial goods and manages industrial enterprises and the cost effectiveness.In order to earn a degree, students should take an internship and defend their thesis. Graduates who successfully complete the program can be employed as supervisors, finance managers, accountants, etc. in organizing, managing, controlling the aspects of economic production in the industrial enterprises.

For master degree                                                                                                                  

Economics and management of production and service industries. The Master`s Degree in Economics and Management of Production and Service Industries is a curriculum for staff training in tangible and in tangible manufacturing. To obtain a degree, masters need to select a topic and be prepared to defend their master’s thesis. Individuals who successfully complete the program can hold positions such as accountant, taxpayer, specialist at various banks, educational institutions and so on.