Public administration and commersy

Fizuli Mammadov Aziz

Head of the department

(022)267 03 47

The academic staff of department

  • Huseyn Azer Sadraddin  assoc.  prof.  phd intechnical sciences  
  • Jafarov Elmir Saleh  assoc.  prof.  phd in history
  • Ahmadova Matanat Israyıl  assoc.  prof.  phd in technical sciences
  • Allahverdiyeva Aybeniz Mahammad  senior lecturer 
  • Alizade Shakir Sardar  senior lecturer
  • Mammadova Khadija Fizuli  asst. lecturer  phd in economics
  • Huseynova Aysel Aydin asst.  lecturer 
  • Babazada Asker Ferdovsi  asst.  lecturer


Scientific publications and textbooks

  • 100 articles (for the last 5 years)
  • 15 teaching aids
  • 5 textbooks
  • 3 monographs 

The main subjects

  • Municipal administration
  • Administrative law
  • Economic diplomacy
  • Business correspondence
  • Regional management
  • Public Services
  • Administrative management
  • Human resources management

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Training of personnel

For bachelor`s degree

Public administration. The specialty of Public Administration is dealing with preparation of professionals for local self-government bodies and publicentities. Graduates of this specialty can work in local self-government bodies and public entities.

For master`s degree

Regional management.

Management in statestructures.

Civil service organization and management. After graduation from this specialty they can be employed in the local self-government bodies and executive authorities as well as research institutes and universities.