Aghayeva Khalida Mehdi

The head of the department

(022)257 38 69

       Teaching staff of the department 


      The number of scientific publications and textbooks

  • 63 articles (in the last three years)

       Teaching subjects

  •  Econometrics (bachelor`s degree)
  •  Finance
  •  Statistics
  •  Principles of Business
  •  Regulation of Economy
  •  Banking
  •  Management
  •  Strategic Management
  •  Management of human resources
  •  Fundamentals of management
  •  Corporate governance
  •  Entrepreneurial activity
  •  Business planning
  •  Business management
  •  International business
  •  Business Relations
  •  Business Infrastructure
  •  Ethics of business and social responsibility
  •  Finance
  •  Business security
  •  Financial management
  •  Production Economics and Management
  •  Project Management
  •  Basis of market economy

  •  Innovation management (master`s degree)
  •  Operational management
  •  National economy
  •  Quality management
  •  Strategic management
  •  History and methodology of management
  •  Organizational Behavior
  •  Modern business management problems
  •  History and methodology of business management
  •  Corporate Finance Management
  •  Company management
  •  Service (bank) management
  •  Mathematical methods and models in planning and management
  •  Business Statistics
  •  The economy of management
  •  Corporate Finance 

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Training of personnel

For bachelors degree

Business Management. Bachelor`s degree on this specialty explores business and its key business trends, the formation and development of market  economy, deepening of market    economic relations, social and psychological aspects of business, business development strategy and tactics.Graduates who successfully complete the program will be hired in business-related organizations, government agencies, companies and holdings and so  on.

Management. The bachelor of management degree provides a frame work for the management of business organization management, its mechanism of action, evolution, functions, leadership and management, styles,managers-specific features and so on.

Graduates who successfully complete the program can be employed by business organizations, banking systems, associations and companies.


For master degree

Busines Managements.