Chemical engineering

Elbendov Alamdar Aslan

The head of the department

(022)257 80 10

       Teaching staff of the department

  • Muradov Ali Nasrulla, PhD in chemistry, dos.
  • Budagli Vali Ali, PhD in chemistry dos.  v.budaqlı       
  • Babayev Baylar Hadji, PhD in chemistry dos.                
  • Aliyeva Djamila Mais, PhD in chemistry, senior lecturer   
  • Kazimaova Inara Ali, senior  lecturer
  • Badalova Turkan Djumshud, assistant
  • Jafarova Matanat Rafig, assistant
  • Huseynov Gazanfar Huseyn, assistant
  • Nasibova Laila İsa, assistant

           Scientific publication sand textbooks

  • 9 manual
  • 24 articles (6 international, 18 local)
  • 27 programs

       The main subjects

  • General and non-organic chemistry-1(for bachelor degree)
  • General and non-organic chemistry -2
  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry -1
  • Chemistry -2
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Analytical chemistry -1
  • Analytical chemistry -2
  • Physical chemistry
  • Physical chemistry -1
  • Physical chemistry -2
  • Organic chemistry -1
  • Organic chemistry -2
  • The principles of delicate organic synthesis
  • Reproduction and modification of high molecular compounds
  • Composite materials based on high molecular compounds
  • High-molecular compounds processing and technology
  • Physics and chemistry of high molecular compounds
  • Processes and apparatus  of the chemical industry-1
  • Processes and apparatus  of the chemical industry-2
  • Commodity petrochemical products
  • Alternative fuels procurement technology
  • General chemical technology
  • Chemical technology of inorganic substances
  • Environmental chemistry
  • Colloidal chemistry
  • Use and application of polymer and polymer materials
  • Analytical control and metrology in metallurgy
  • Chemical cybernetics
  • Carrosion and protection of metals
  • Crystallography and x-ray
  • Modern problems of chemistry engineering (for master degree)
  • History and methodology of chemical engineering
  • The basics of scientific research
  • Modern technology of polymers synthesis
  • Polimer compositions based on oligomeric mixtures
  • Basics of polymer transformation
  • Physical and chemical basis of polymer modification
  • Polimer mixing technology
  • Synthesis and application of specific purpose polymers

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