Student society

Huseynli Ismail Malik

The head of the youth society

(022)257 11 70

Born on October 19, 1998 in the Goranboy region.

In 2015, he entered the Faculty of Economics and Administration of the Azerbaijan University of Technology on the specialty accounting and audit.

While studying at school number 2 of Goranboy region he actively participated in competitions, from the first course of study he participates in public life; In 2016 he became the winner of the intellectual game What? Where? When and took the 3rd place.

In the summer school "Training Bus" he took part in the project of the International Bank together with the firm "Canadian Consulting"and the Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan.

He completed with honors  the international courses “Cisco IT Essential”  and is a member of the “Port of Baku” team.

Since 2017 he has led the UTECA student society, during this period he received thanks from the chairman of the republican union of student youth and was awarded a certificate of honor  from the city council of Ganja. Follow students attendance classes, their academic discipline, providing them with a hostel.

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