Mechanics and metallurgy

Jafarov Musa Humbat

The head of the department

(022)257 04 99

         The academic staff of department

  •  Malikov Ahmad Gulu, substitute professor, doctor of science
  • Valiyev Nazim Talib, associate professor, PhD in technical sciences  veliyev
  • Asgarov Namiq Rza, associate professor, PhD in technical sciences
  • Abbasov Tahir Baba, associate professor, PhD in technical sciences t.abbasov
  • Amiraslanova Nigar Ismail, associate professor, PhD in technical sciences
  • Asgarov Arif  Zulfugar, associate professor, PhD in technical sciences
  • Akhundzada Rana Mammadyusif, associate professor, PhD in technical sciences
  • Gasimov Rovshan Fazil, associate professor, PhD in technical sciences
  • Verdiyev Bahram Zulfu, associate professor, PhD in technical sciences
  • Safarov Jamil Ildir, associate professor, PhD in technical sciences с
  • Mammadov Fazil Mukhtar, associate professor, PhD in technical sciences
  • Alizada Akif Asgar, senior lecturer
  • Valiyev Natig Gulam, senior lecturer
  • Humbatov Yusif  Mustafa, senior lecturer
  • Nuriyev Gabil Amiraslan, senior lecture
  • Ramazanov Adalat Majid, assistent

      Scientific publications and textbooks

  • 1 textbook  (in last three years)
  • 10 teaching aids
  • 20 methodical guidelines
  • 47 scientific papers (12  international, 35 national) 


      The main subjects

  • Metallurgy (On a bachelor degree)
  • Metallurgical furnaces
  • Thermal processing and metallurgy
  • X-ray crystallography
  • Materials technology
  • Metal recycling
  • Technology of construction materials
  • Material science
  • Technology of compositional materials
  • Equipment in the non-ferrous metals industry
  • Aluminum metallurgy I
  • Aluminum metallurgy II 
  • Welding technology of metals
  • Metallurgy of noble and rare metals
  • Corrosion and protection of metals
  • Processes and apparatus of food production
  • Technological equipment of canning plants
  • Installation, operation and repair of food production machinery
  • Automatic and flow lines of food production
  • Processes and apparatus of food technology
  • Process and apparatus in the chemical Industry I , II
  • Equipment of field enterprises
  • Engineering graphics I, II
  • Descriptive geometry and engineering graphics I, II 
  • Descriptive geometry and technical drawing
  • Applied mechanics I, II 
  • Theoretical mechanics 
  • Technical mechanics
  • The resistivity of materials 
  • Heating technology 
  • Metallurgical heating technology 
  • Occupational safety 

  • History and methodology of technological machinery and equipment engineering (master`s degree)
  • Food rheology
  • Automatic designing systems of technological equipment
  • Designing of food enterprises
  • Modern problems of engineering machinery and equipment engineering
  • Understanding the basis for scientific research
  • Methods and references of research work on engineering machinery and equipment engineering
  • High exchange equipments

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Training of personnel

The personnel are qualified on the following specialties for bachelor`s degree

Engineering of  technological machinery and equipment. This specialty focuses on the principles of operation and maintenance of food 

machinery and equipment refurbishment,designing and upgrading of parts and nodes of technological machines and equipments, as 

well as enhancement and design.

Metallurgical engineering. The specialization is based on the modern processes of metal production, characteristics of production of non-ferrous metals and their alloys, technology of production of materials using powder metallurgy

Working areas: The graduates of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering have the opportunity to work at integrated metal production facilities; rolling mills; foundries; heat treatment, powder metallurgy and forging industries; ceramics production facilities and about corrosion subjects in the production, quality and control and R&D departments

       The personnel are qualified on the following specialties in master`s degree

-  Engineering of technological machinery and equipment

-Technological machinery and equipment of catering and trade of food industry