Engineering of chemistry and metallurgy

Jafarov Musa Humbat

The head of the department

(022)257 04 99

         The academic staff of department

  • Valiyev Nazim Talib, associate professor, PhD in tecnical sciences, n.veliyev
  • Safarov Jami lIldir, professor, doctor of tecnical sciences,
  • Elbendov Alamdar Aslan, PhD in chemistry, prof. e. elbendov@
  • Abbasov Takhir Baba, associate professor, PhD in tecnical sciences,
  • Asgerov Arif Zulfiqar, associate professor, PhD in tecnical sciences,
  • Davudov Namiq Kamal, assoc. prof., PhD intechnology
  • Muradov Ali Nasrulla, associate professor, PhD in chemistry sciences,
  • Budaqli Vali Ali, associate professor, PhD in chemistry sciences, v.budaqlı
  • Mammadov ElshadArshad, doctor of chemistry, prof.
  • 1AmiraslanovaNigar ismail, associate professor, PhD in tecnical sciences,
  • Axundzade  Rana Mammadyusif, associate professor, PhD intecnical sciences,
  • Kesemenli Elmira Yusif , assoc. prof., PhD in chemistry
  • Aliyeva Djamila Mais, PhD in chemistry sciences,senior lecturer,
  • Verdiyeva  Farida Bahram, senior lecturer, PhD in agriculture
  • Aliyev Rafiq Saleh, senior
  • KazimovaInara Ali, senior lecturer,
  • Huseynova SevilHuseyn, senior lecturer
  • Ramazanov Adalat Madjid,  assistent,
  • Jafarova Matanat Rafik, assistant,
  • Aliyeva İmmi Mahir, asst.lecture, phdc
  • Badalova Turkan Djumshud, assistant,
  • Isgandarova  Simuzar Ajdar, assistant, s. isgenderova@
  • Huseynov Qazanfar Huseyn,assistant,

   Scientific publications and textbooks

  • 230 articles ( international - 78, local – 152)
  • 21 teaching aids
  • 2 monographs
  • 4 textbooks (for the last 5 years)
  • 28 methodical aids  


      The main subjects

  • Metallurgy
  • Metallurgical furnaces
  • Thermal processing and metallurgy
  • X- ray crystallography
  • Materials technology
  • Metal recycling
  • Technology of construction materials
  • Material science
  • Technology of compositional materials
  • Equipment  in the non - ferrous metals industry
  • Aluminum metallurgy -1
  • Aluminum metallurgy -2
  • Theory of metallurgy processes
  • Metallurgy of noble and rare metals
  • Corrosion and protection of metals
  • Process and apparatus in the chemical industry 1 - 2
  • Hydraulics
  • Hydraulics and hydraulics machines
  • Hydraulics and hydrology
  • Applied mechanics
  • Theoretical mechanics
  • Technical mechanics
  • The resistivity of materials
  • Heating technology
  • Metallurgical heating technology
  • Occupation safety
  • Fundamentals of Toxicology
  • Protection of atmospheric air from pollution of the environment
  • Ecology
  • Civil Defense
  • General Ecology
  • Waste-free production and processing
  • Life safety
  • Radio ecology
  • Environmental law
  • Physical basis of remote sensing
  • Bases of rational nature management
  • Ecological expertise and design basics
  • Waste water treatment
  • EIA
  • Engineering ecology
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Engineering geodesy
  • Protection and integrated use of water resources
  • Basics of Hygiene
  • Social Ecology
  • Means and methods of environmental control
  • Economics and forecasting of nature use
  • Ecological basis of land reclamation and reclamation
  • Environmental assessment and protection of soils
  • General and inorganic chemistry - 1-2
  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry 1-2
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Analytical Chemistry - 1- 2
  • Physical chemistry
  • Physical chemistry - 1- 2
  • Organic chemistry 1- 2
  • Principles of gentle organic synthesis
  • Reproduction and modification of high molecular weight compounds
  • Composite materials based on high molecular weight compounds
  • Physics and chemistry of high molecular weight compounds
  • Chemical industry processes and apparatus 1 -2
  • Commodity petrochemical products
  • General chemical technology
  • Ecological chemistry
  • Colloidal chemistry
  • Use and use of polymers and polymeric materials
  • Analytical control and metrology in metallurgy
  • Chemical cybernetics
  • Metal carousing and protection
  • Crystallography and X-ray analysis

  • Problems of Modern Engineering metallurgy
  • Methods  and History of engineering metallurgy
  • Foundations of  scientific research work
  • Foundations and Technology of getting alimimium oxygenous
  • Progressive technology  of  metallurgy
  • Modern  production technologies of non-ferrous metals
  • Theory foundations and technology  of non-ferrousmetallurgy
  • Techniology of modernproduction precious metallurgy
  • Complex production of  non-ferrous metallurgy
  • The theory of process and pirometallurg and  hydrometallurgy
  • Apparatues and Processes of non-ferrous metallurgy
  • Metallography
  • Increasing  savingenerjy in melaturgical furnace
  • Global ecology
  • Methodology and history of engineering ecology
  • Modern problems of engineering ecology
  • Fundamentals of research work
  • Means and methods of scientific research work onengineering ecology
  • Bases of ecological forecasting
  • Geo-ecology
  • Environmental management
  • Ecological problems of the modern hydrosphere
  • Fundamentals of Eco-bioethics
  • Environmental assessment of soils
  • Ecology and landscape protection
  • Fundamentals of engineering ecology

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Training of personnel

For bachelor degree

Metallurgical Engineering. Modern production processes are trained in the specialty

Alloys,characteristics of non-ferrous metals and their alloys production, technology of materials production with the help of powder metallurgy

JSC"Azerbaijan Industrial Corporation," including Det.Al. Aluminium Complex, Ganja Alumina Production Plant, Sumgait Pipe Rolling Plant, Baku Stell Complex and other production enterprises. 

Graduates who graduated from the program can work in environmental departments, national parks, reserves, customs committee and other industries.


Ecological engineering. Graduates who graduated from the program can work in environmental departments, national parks,reserves, customs committee and other industries.


Chemical engineering. Chemical engineering is a broad and versatile engineering area that is interested in developing and applying chemical structures, energy content, or processes that have changed physically

Jobs: petroleum, chemical and related biotechnology, pharmacology, nano chemistry, nano chemical research, mining,wineries



For master degree

Metallurgy engineering. Specialization: Metallurgy of non-ferrous and noble metals
Ecology engineering. Specialization: Environmental protection and targeted use of natural reserves

Chemistry engineering. Specialization: Chemical technology of polymers