Theproposed project is the first wide-scale project in Azerbaijan dealing with theintroduction and maintenance of Internal Quality Assurance in 11 AzerbaijanUniversities in line with the EU standards. This project offers completelydifferent and strategic approach to the Quality Assurance System of theUniversities compare to previous attempts. The project will enhance theuniversities management structure as well. 

Consideringall of these issues them overall aims of the project is  to enhance thequality of higher education in Azerbaijan and to promote voluntary union withEU developments,  to  develope a model of principles, priorities,guidelines and procedures to improve and assess the quality.

Thespecific objectives of the project are :

To makea comparative analysis of current QA practices 

Todevelop framework for quality assurance mechanisms in Azerbaijan highereducation institutions. 

Toincrease awareness on modern quality assurance tools and policies 

Todevelop and establish common Quality Assurance System - ISO 9001. 

Tocreate online platform and user service charter

Toenhance Quality Assurance Culture

To trainquality assurance related administrative and academic staff

Develop a Model of Principles, Priorities, Guidelines and Procedures for internalmanagement of QA for partner HEIs 

In orderto achieve these objectives systematic activities and implementation strategywas designed. A strong and articulated quality assurance plan is needed, as thecompliance with EU standards is key for the success of the project.

Takingup the wider objectives of Establishin and improving the Quality AssuranceCenters in Azerbaijan HEIs , the project will support the exchange of knowledgeand experience by increasing the exposure of the universties to Europeaneducation standards, ESG.. Improving the qualification of  staff inAzerbaijan will raise the quality of administration at the universities byassuring the quality  on the one hand and the development of internationalcooperation in the larger society on the other.