Internationalscientific-practical conference "Actual problems of food and light industry" was held on April 26-27, 2019.Theconference is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birth of Nationwide LeaderHeydar Aliyev. The two-day organizers included the Small andMedium Business Development Agency, the Azerbaijani Confederation ofEntrepreneurs, and the Mingachevir Textile Factory. Theopening of the international conference took place at the “Ramada Plaza GanjaHotel.” Scientistsfrom South Korea, Georgia, Iran, Pakistan, Ambassador of Pakistan Said KhanMohmand, Head of Baku Branch of the National Bank of Pakistan Khan Zar Vari,Ganja Executive Power, Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan,Ministry of Economy, several universities and Heads and representatives of thecolleges of Port of Baku, as well as many leading manufacturing companies inthe country. During theplenary session the participants discussed the most pressing issues of the foodand light industry, addressing such issues as staff training, new technologies,automation of production cycles, optimization of available technical tools,packaging, minimizing emergency situations, etc. Reports and theses on thetopic were heard. The collection of the international conference includes more than 200theses from 20 countries. Iran, Russia, Georgia, South Korea, Ethiopia,Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Belarus, Brundi, Palestine, Trinidad and Tobako Salvadorand Portugal were included.

The 2nd NationalIndustrial Engineering Forum was heldon May 5, 2018 in the Customer Service Program. Aninternational forum, co-organized by the Azerbaijan University of Technology,Baku Engineering University and Lean Consulting, is dedicated to the 95thanniversary of the national leader Heydar Aliyev. Oneof the important factors that stimulate the implementation of this form is theStrategic Roadmap for the development of heavy industry and mechanicalengineering in the Republic of Azerbaijan, approved by the Decree of thePresident of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated December 6, 2016, the StrategicRoad Map for the production of small and medium-sized businesses. The main purpose of the forum was to bringtogether professionals from different industries, to exchange ideas on variousindustry perspectives and to benefit from local and international experience. During the forum, a memorandum of cooperation betweenUTECA and KOSIA was signed, as well as an agreement on cooperation betweenUTECA and the High Technology Park of ANAS. The agreement envisages theestablishment of a technology transfer office at UTECA.

The conference on "Financial and Entrepreneurial Activities in Higher Education:Challenges and Prospects" was held on April 30, 2017. The conference, held jointly by UTECA, ADAUniversity and the US Alumni Association of US Graduates, continued its workthe next day after a plenary session in Baku. TheUTECA panels, along with high-level professionals, were also attended byrepresentatives of businesses and companies operating within the CustomerService Program. Numerousreports were presented at the conference, which was attended by internationalexperts. Discussionsin the panels focused on specific areas. Within the conference, a memorandum of understandingwas signed between UTECA and the University of Hong Kong.The memorandumprovides for the establishment of a partnership between the UTECA SustainableDevelopment Center and the Hengsen University Corporate Sustainability Center.

International scientific-practical conference  

"Conservation of cultural diversity and biodiversity in the contextof urbanized industrialization" waslaunched on April 29-30, 2017. Atthe conference dedicated to the birthday of the great leader, Heydar Aliyev,local and international scientists discussed the issues of cultural richnessand the protection of natural resources in the prevalence of urbanization andindustrialization. Reportsand theses on the topic were listened to. Representativesfrom Germany, South Korea, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Georgiaparticipated in the conference. Representativesof the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, Rectorof Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry, representative of KoreaInformation Technology Promotion Agency Soo Hyun Rhee, Vice-Rector of TurkishTechnical University of Turkey Mehmet Engin Deniz, Deputy Minister ofAgriculture of the Autonomous Republic of Ajaria Afag Madetzade, the head ofthe United Nuclear Research Institute, Zahid Mammadov, UNEC Science Director andother speakers also emphasized the relevance of the topic. The conference was held in 8 panels. Theconference agenda consisted of two parts and covered 242 theses. The number ofreports was over 100.

International scientific-practical conference "Conservation of biodiversity in the conditions of urbanization andindustrialization" was held on October22-23, 2016. The conferencedevoted to the 877th anniversary of Goygol was held in Goygol. The event wasorganized by the joint initiative of the Azerbaijan Technological Universityand Istanbul Technical University. The conference was attended by officials and renownedscientists from reputable universities of the Republic, as well as more than 30scientists from 10 foreign countries. The conference kicks off with the documentary film"Goygol National Park" shot by IDEA Public Union under the project"9 Wonders of Azerbaijan". Rector of Istanbul University Mahmut Ak,Rector of Azerbaijan State Economic University (ASEU) Adalat Muradov, Rector ofAzerbaijan State Oil and Industry University Mustafa Babanli, as well as anumber of scientists from foreign countries spoke about the importance ofbiodiversity and environmental sustainability in their speeches. the need forregular cooperation. In the end, a resolution was adopted on behalf of theinternational conference. The resolution envisages the study of internationalexperience in the field of biodiversity conservation, the organization ofcooperation in complex scientific-research works, the expansion of use ofenvironmentally friendly technologies and the promotion of environmentalculture.

The 5th Caucasus EconomicForum was held on 21st May, 2016,jointly organized by the Azerbaijan Technological University, Baku EngineeringUniversity and the Azerbaijan State Economic University. The topic of discussion at the Education,Sports and Recreation Complex in Guba, Azerbaijan State Economic University was"Export Stabilization in the Context of Economic Crisis", taking intoaccount the current economic realities and economic development strategies ofthe Republic of Azerbaijan. Representativesof the Ministry of Economy, Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Fund(AZPROMO), Ministry of Taxes, Academy of State Customs Committee, ADAUniversity, Institute of Economics of the National Academy of Sciences ofAzerbaijan, Guba District Executive Committee, Veysoglu Group of Companies wereamong the presenters. Thediscussions were attended by many government agencies and private sectorofficials, experts and scientists. At the end of the forum, a package ofrecommendations was developed to present it to the government.

 International symposium on "Contemporary problems of university-industry relations in theeducational process of Bologna" was held on April 30 - May 1, 2016. Theevent, dedicated to the 93rd anniversary of national leader Heydar Aliyev, wasattended by 165 scientists, representatives of the public and official guestsfrom 7 countries. Theorganizers of the symposium were the Ministry of Education of the Republic ofAzerbaijan, Ganja City Executive Power and Azerbaijan Technological University. The international event is organized in 8sections dedicated to various industries. Discussionson food technology, standardization and expertise, consumer goods technology,communication and information technology, mechanical engineering, metallurgyand other industries were discussed in more detail on the process of developinga highly qualified human resources and their solutions.

International scientific-practical conferenceof teachers and students on "Teaching and Application of Creative Industrial Technologies" was held on May7-8, 2015. At theconference dedicated to the 92nd anniversary of national leader Heydar Aliyev,about 200 reports were heard and a delegation of more than 12 foreigners wasreceived.The materials of the conference were published in book form. Thefounders of the conference were the Ministry of Education of the Republic ofAzerbaijan, the Ministry of High Technologies, the National Academy of Sciencesof Azerbaijan, Ganja City Executive Power and the Azerbaijan TechnologicalUniversity.