• Crisis and Risks Engineering for Transport Services 598218-EPP-1-2018-1-PL-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP
  • Project acronym: CRENG
  • Project website:
  • Cross Regional Multi-Country Joint Project
  • Priority – Transport Services
  • Project duration: 15 October 2018 – 14 October 2021
  • EU funding instrument: European Neighbourhood Instrument (Erasmus+: КА2 CBHE)
  • Erasmus+ (CBHE) grant amount: 999949,00€
  • Target groups: university students, employers
  • Grant holder: Warsaw University of Technology Poland
  • Coordinator and General Manager: Prof. Marianna Jacyna


  • Berlin Technical University, Germany
  • University of  Valenciennes, France
  • ECM Space technologies GmbH, Germany
  • Pryazovskyi State Technical University, Ukraine
  • Dnipropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport named after Academician V.  Lazaryan, Ukraine
  • State University of Infrastructure and Technologies, Ukraine
  • The Ukrainian Railway (Ukrzaliznytsia), Ukraine
  • Baku Engineering University, Azerbaijan
  • Azerbaijan Technical University, Azerbaijan
  • Azerbaijan Technological University, Azerbaijan
  • Baku Transport Agency, Azerbaijan
  • The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan
  • Turkmen State Institute of Transport and Communications, Turkmenistan
  • International University for the Humanities and Development, Turkmenistan
  • Turkmen State Architecture and Construction University, Turkmenistan
  • Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan, Turkmenistan

Projectgoals and objectives

To supportof development of Crisis and Risks Engineering for transport services (CRENG)to ensure sustainability of Ukraine (UA), Azerbaijan (AZ) and Turkmenistan (TM)transport systems for their integration into Global transportation network. Tocontribute CRENG development in PCs the environment for education of highskilled specialists in line with labor market, EU best practices and Bolognaprocess will be created.

Specificproject objectives are

  • to develop, implement and accredit new practice oriented, student-focused MA program “CRENG” including innovative teaching and learning approaches and ECTS in UA, AZ and TM;
  • to bring the Higher education institutions (HEIs) in UA, AZ and TM closer to labor market in CRENG area;
  • to increase collaboration between EU and UA, AZ and TM HEIs in CRENG area.


  • Development of new, updateing of current curricul of new MA program “CRENG”;
  • Retraining of academic teachers from PCs universities in EU on new curricula methodology of MA program “CRENG”;
  • Creation in PCs unversities of teaching and learning envinronment incl. learning and teaching materials, e-learning courses on MOODLE platform, CRENG laboratories and virtual class-rooms;
  • Implementation and accreditation of new MA program “CRENG” in 9 PCs universities;
  • Implementation of “Skills Wallet”: development of guidelines and holding on-line master classes for academic teachers on “Skills Wallet” implementation;
  • Implementation of International Projects Based Learning: development of guidelines and holding retraining courses for academic teachers from PCs universities in EU;
  • Pilot teaching of students from PCs univesities on new MA programm “CRENG”;
  • Dissemination & Sustainability Strategy development and implementation incl. creation of CRENG service offices network and web-based platform;
  • Quality Plan development and internal & external project evaluation;
  • Financial & operational project management.


A.  16 curricula of new MA program “CRENG” are developed or updated;

B.  New teaching/ learning materials, e-learning courses on MOODLE platformfor all new curricula are developed;

C.  Learning laboratories, virtual class-rooms at each PCs university arecreated;

D.  Teachers are retrained on new teaching methodology of MA program“CRENG”;

E.   New MA programs “CRENG” are created, implemented and accredit at eachPCs university;

F.   Pilot teaching of students is conducted at each PCs university;

G.  CRENG service offices network and web-based platform are created;

H.  Quality plan developed, internal and external project evaluationperformed;

I.      Dissemination & Sustainability Strategy developed and implemented;

J.     Project coordination, financial and operational management performed.

Project events: